Hi, I'm Paco Vink.

And I draw stories.


At the age of 5 my grandfather asked me how my birthday party was. Lost for words to explain, I told him “Wait! Let me just draw it for you!”

Some things are better said without words. I guess that’s just how my brain is wired. As a kid I was always drawing comics and short stories.

Later I studied Animation at the Art Academy in Rotterdam. After graduating I started my own animation studio Anikey which I ran for over 12 years. I directed several animated short films, tv series and the feature film ‘Trippel Trappel.’

In 2020 I decided to embark on new adventures as a freelancer, bringing back my focus on what I always loved to do: drawing stories.

I am a real teamplayer with a lot of experience in bringing stories to life in fun visual ways. As an artist I am versatile, for I love to keep learning and work in different styles. Whether you need just one character, a book or an entire world! I’m your man.


Een Slijmzoen voor je OmaIllustration2023
De Sterrensteen 1 - Het boek der veranderingenIllustration2023
Bobbie BotjesIllustration2023
Game Helden - Game Helden tegen de VoetbalgodenIllustration2023
Game Helden - Game Helden tegen de RobotsIllustration2023
Game Helden - Game Helden tegen de PiratenIllustration2022
Game Helden - Game Helden tegen de Dino'sIllustration2022
Game Helden - Game Helden tegen de Zombie-CowboysIllustration2022
Game Helden - Game Helden tegen de MonstersIllustration2022
Atlas van de Ruimte - Reis langs sterren en planeten met de Kleine AstronautenIllustration2022
Atlas van de aarde - Reis om de wereld met de Kleine AstronautenIllustration2021
De Kleine Astronauten - Feest in de RuimteIllustration2023
De Kleine Astronauten redden de dierenIllustration2023
De Kleine Astronauten - Hoe word je astronaut?Illustration2023
De Kleine Astronauten - Missie OnmogelijkIllustration2023
De Kleine Astronauten - Code Rood!Illustration2022
De Kleine Astronauten - 3,2,1 GO!Illustration2021
De Kleine Astronaut - Reis Langs de PlanetenIllustration2021
De Kleine Astronauten - Doe BoekIllustration2021
Dunya - Een Hemels HondenlevenIllustration2019
Filmography - Feature films
Lilly & the Flying DutchmanStoryboard artist + character designer2023 - in development
Pandabear in AfricaStoryboard Supervisor2021- 2024
NayolaLayout / Background artist2020
The King and the Thief (in development)Writer, concept artist2019
Benjamin Bat Storyboard Supervisor2020
Woezel & Pip: Op zoek naar de Sloddervos Storyboard Supervisor / Assistent Director2016
Trippel Trappel: DierensinterklaasDirector2014
Filmography - Short films
Dooie BoelWriter & director2020- In pre-production
Fallin' FloydWriter, director, animator2012
Little QuentinWriter, director, animator2009
Paul & the dragonWriter, director, animator2008
Filmography - TV series
Anansi de SpinStoryboard artist2021
Dr. Panda Toto Time – 113 episodesWriter, director2017-2019
Dr. Panda - season 1 - 2Storyboard artist2017-2019
The Wellie WishersStoryboard Supervisor2016 - 17
Pettenpret - season 1Character design - Visual Development2016
Woezel & Pip 'Overal vriendjes'Storyboard artist / background artist / animator2016
Sesamstraat - lied 'Onder Hele Hoge Bomen' Storyboard artist / animator2015-2016
Sesamstraat - lied 'Op een Klein Stationnetje'Storyboard artist / animator2015-2016
Woezel & Pip season 3 - 13 episodesStoryboard artist2014
Een Slijmzoen voor je OmaNominatie Woutertje Pieterse Prijs 20242024
Fallin' Floyd Vafi Senior Award2014
Fallin' Floyd Golden Kuker- Sofia2014
Fallin' Floyd HAFF Best Short film Jury Award2013
Fallin' Floyd Young About International Film festival, Bologna2013
Fallin' Floyd Vereniging Animatie Productenten Award2013
Little QuentinGrand Prix, Wizart Festival2011
Little QuentinGouwuh Regah Award2011
Paul & the DragonBeste animatiefilm Competitie Junior - Ranimatie 2009
Paul & the Dragon1ste prijs Zwolle Animation Festival2009
Paul & the DragonBest Short For Children, Animamundi Brazil 2009
Paul & the DragonHermina Tyrlova Award, ZLIN International Film Festival For Children & Youth2009
Paul & the DragonBest Animated Film, DIVERCINE, 18th International Uruguayan Film Festival for Children and Teen-agers 2009